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Birth Time Rectification Sample Report



During rectification the divine Ruling Planets that came in my place and time was Ven-Sun-Rah-Mer-Jup. In no way was Mars appearing in the divine RPs, indicating that your Lagna is perhaps not Mesha.


The important life events were used in my Horizon Method to arrive at the correct time of birth. Using all the events reported by you it was found ALL THE 7 EVENTS tallied at the birth time range of 10:46 29 am to 10:51:49 am. Maximum convergence of events came in Vrishabha. The starting range of 10:46:29 am also fell in Vrishabha.


Next your kin’s data was used in the Amsa Method and it was found that your birth happened within the first 5 degrees of Vrishabha.


The Kalapurusha Angabibhag method showed that male births were happening at your date and place (when the sunrise happened at 6:59:34 am) between 10:41:35 am to 11:11:34 am. As you were born as a male, the rectified time range of birth was correct.


The final pinpointing of your birth time was done with the help of Ruling Planets. The lagna was set at Venus sign. Within this sign, the first star of Sun was taken as this was also in the RP. The first valid sub that fitted the sequence was Jupiter and the sub-sub was found to be that of Mercury. This gave the correct birth time at 10:46:44 am IST.


In this rectified birth time, my Rule of Origin was fully satisfied. Your palm prints and body photos show a person having Venusian Lagna.


Your correct birth horoscope with Lahiri Ayanamsa is attached with this email using Placidus House division method.

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