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Family Background



'Jyotishya Mahamahopadhayaya' 'Sothida Mannan' Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) is the world's most reputed and accurate KP system (Krishnamurti Paddhati) astrologer from India. He is a professional KP astrologer and Vedic astrologer cum researcher who provides accurate KP astrology consultancy and astrology remedial guidance in both traditional Hindu/Vedic Astrology method as well as in the modern stellar astrology system, popularly known as the KP System (Krishnamurti Paddhati). Astrological predictions provided by Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) is of very high quality and extremely accurate. The remedial guidance and remedies provided by him work miraculously in people's lives and change their life for the good and alleviate the troubles from their lives.


Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) is today synonymous with the most accurate and reliable KP astrology and Hindu Vedic astrology predictions from India having hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients in India and abroad. Dr, Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) is the first KP Astrologer from India to receive the prestigious membership from the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), USA, Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA), Australia. He is also the Life Member of the Malaysian Astrological Society (MAS), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which awarded Dr. Dutta with the highest honor of Sothida Mannan title for his contribution to KP astrology and Vedic Astrology sciences.


Andrew is born in a family that is continuing astrological practice since the last 216 years. His maternal great-grandfather was late Surendranath Jyotir Vachaspati of Khulna, in Bangladesh, who handed down the lineage to his mother, late Srimati Deblina (Smt. Ujjwala Dutta), who was an eminent and illustrious astrologer of Kolkata. Since his birth, he saw his mother providing consultancy to people and he grew up hearing the names of planets, stars and Rashis. Andrew’s mother, late Mrs. Ujjwala Dutta (Srimati Deblina) was his first Guru, who initiated him into this vast ocean of astrology (Jyotisha) at quite an early age. Andrew’s mother taught him extensively the esoteric principles of remedial measures in astrology apart from infusing the basic foundation of Hindu or Vedic astrology. She held his hands carefully and brought him to the shores of the occean of astrology. Dr. Andrew picked up his initial lessons of predictive astrology from his mother and observed and learnt from his mother's illustrious astrological practice in Kolkata with innumerable clients.


However, he was extensively groomed and trained in astrology by two great Gurus. His second Guru is ‘Jyotiryogi’ ji (Sri Pramod Ranjan Mohanto) who trained him in Vedic or Hindu astrology. He was very fortunate to be the only disciple of ‘Jyotiryogi’ ji who not only groomed and trained him in the field of astrology but also taught him and shared with him all the experiential knowledge that he gained in four and a half decade as a leading professional astrologer of Kolkata, India. He taught Andrew remedial measures in astrology through gem stones that can have miraculous effect on individuals, following the methods advocated by the famous late Sadhan Bhai of Kolkata. His magnanimity towards him is bigger than the seven seas. 


His third Guru was one of the famous legends in Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) astrology in the world—late Sri P.V.K. Punneswara Rao ji, of Hyderabad who practiced astrology for more than six decades. Andrew had a personal, one-to-one learning under him. His Guruji Sri Rao ji has selflessly shared his knowledge of KP system and imbibed spirituality and positive virtues in Dr. Andrew during his training in KP system under him at Rao ji's own residence in Hyderabad. Rao ji was the direct student of late Sri V.B.N. Sarma ji of Warrangal, who himself resided in the house of late K.S. Krishnamurti (the inventor of KP system) and learnt the technique from the great Guru himself


Sri Rao ji’s presence in his life is like a Divine blessing and he has brought Dr. Andrew very close to the Supreme Soul. He has given Dr. Andrew a spiritual birth. Without his handholding, Dr. Andrew would not have been so close to God as he is today. 

Therefore, Dr. Andrew Dutta practices the most authentic KP astrology because he is privy to the real and original principles of KP astrology directly through the K.S. Krishnamurti lineage of "Gharana".


Both his Gurujis have loved him like their own son and have built a strong character in him to become an honest astrologer for the benefit of the society. Apart from training him in astrology, they have shown him the path of Dharma that each and every astrologer should follow. Andrew’s mother brought him to the shores of the ocean of astrology and his two Gurujis have taught him how to swim effortlessly in that vast and deep ocean.

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