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Author Submission Guidelines


  1. Authors/Contributor can send unpublished and unsubmitted manuscripts based on any systems of stellar astrology such as KP, MST, TSP, 4 Step Theory, Cuspal Interlinks, Nadi or any other stellar system.

  2. Manuscript should be minimum 3000 words and maximum 15000 words. Lengthy manuscripts will be published in parts.

  3. All manuscripts should be in Times New Roman font with size 12, single line spacing, and justified margin with 1 inch on all sides in Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007 file format ONLY. Sections and sub-sections should contain separate heading in bold. Charts provided and discussed must be in BOTH North and South Indian styles.

  4. Authors/Contributors SHOULD NOT use any harsh language/derogatory comment/demeaning phrases against any person/system/method/association/group etc.

  5. Authors/Contributors CAN USE ANY Ayanamsa, astrological computer software and birth data of persons. However, any liability arising out of such usage will be borne by the respective author/contributor.

  6. References used, if any, in the manuscript must be mentioned at the end of the manuscript separately.

  7. Names of planets should be written in their full form. If any acronym is used, it should be first explained and then used throughout the article. Eg: “The DBA (Dasa, Bhukti, Anthra) is of…..”

  8. All spelling, grammar and syntax should be properly checked before submitting an article.

  9. All articles must accompany a JPEG passport size photo of the author/contributor along with the email and a brief bio-data of the author/contributor within 100 words.

  10. Editorial letters addressed to the Editor must be titled “Billet Doux” for automatic publication. Care should be taken by senders to ensure that no harsh words/statements/derogatory remarks are included in their letters/emails for publication.

  11. Though there are no Reviewers or Advisory Board for JASA, preference for articles will be given to such contributions which have good English, are clear to understand and have minimum English language mistakes.

  12. All submissions to JASA will be acknowledged and as per acceptance, all authors/contributors will be intimated about final print version along with declaration statement.


  14. Articles/write-ups not fulfilling the above guidelines will be sent back to the author/contributor for modification

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