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Astrology Video Courses



In Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP) astrology, Dr. Andrew Dutta is a pioneer in teaching KP system astrology with video courses. Since his first video course in 2007 Astrology Home Video Course in English: Birth Time Rectification with KP Astrology, he is a name reckoned with high respect in the field of KP astrology in India and abroad.


Each video course comprises of professional grade KP astrology study materials with real-life, solved horoscope examples and horary cases for better learning. Also each video course contain HD quality DVDs of video lectures of Dr. Andrew Dutta teaching you how to apply the KP system principles, rules and secrets.

The complete KP system video course with all 3 levels containing 6 HD quality DVDs having over 12 hours of KP astrology video lecture and tutoring and 325 pages of professional grade Krishnamurti Paddhati study materials containing tested researched KP rules, concepts, applications and numerous case studies from the personal collection of Dr. Andrew Dutta.

This KP system video course reveals time tested KP Rules of making accurate predictions and timing with KP horary/Prashna astrology

The course contains:

11 HD quality DVDs containing 24 hours of original & authentic KP lecture tutorial plus 275 pages of professional grade Study Material Book having 100+ new solved case studies and 20 well explained chapters of KP horary astrology rules, concepts and applications. This is one of the most authentic KP Prashna Astrology learning resource that is designed, developed and delivered in the highest standards of "Guru-Shishya Parampara" of India with the most accurate horary predictive techniques handed down by late K.S. Krishnamurti and fine tuned through professional practice by his most able direct students.

This is the most sought after video course in KP Astrology for mastering the technique to rectify birth time discrepancies. Unique Features of the Video Course:

  • Master the technique to arrive at correct birth time when:

    • Year of Birth is not known

    • Year and month of Birth is not known

    • Large or small birth time ranges are mentioned by your clients

    • Confusion with 2 or more Lagna (Ascendant) presented to you

  • Become expert in rectifying ‘War Time’ births.

  • Master the technique how to know exactly whether the given Birth Time is fully correct or not.

  • Master Dr. Andrew’s ‘Rule of Origin’ technique – the ultimate guide to correct birth time.

  • Learn how to find out important life events after Birth Time rectification.

  • 3 DVDs with close to 4 hours of video tutoring and 80 pages of brilliant Study Material containing many secret rules and practical case studies.

All known and unknown methods of Ruling Planets (RP in KP astrology) have been taught, solved and tutored in this video course. Unique methods discussed here are divinely secret and not found else where. You will learn many advanced use of Ruling Planets in Krishnamurti Paddhati KP astrology.


HD quality 2 Vol. DVD sets of over 3.5 hours of video tutoring and over 50 pages of high resolution printed and bounded Case Study Material. 

Practical, clear and concise video tutoring with all real-life examples.

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